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 POLE DANCE-POLE FITNESS and AERIAL ARTS studio in Jupiter, Palm Beach County, Florida. 

We bring you the hottest trends, sexy styles, latest aerial tricks and cool transitions
 including sassy lap dance moves right from the world of elite pole champions.  

Our desire is for every woman out there to fall in love (again)
with her body, mind and soul.

POLE DANCING will do that to you. Our pole dance and aerial art workout
classes are intimate, creative, transformational and full of fun!!
We offer a variety of pole dance and aerial silks (tissu), aerial lyra (hoop),
and aerial hammock classes for all fitness levels.
Give yourself the gift of passion and permission to fly and be free. Explore the inner fire and challenge your body in ways you never have before. Tone your arms, back, buttocks and legs while increasing your core strength, overall flexibility and confidence.  
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Let's empower and inspire one another through the art of dance, fitness and FUN!
Everything else is JUST a workout. 

Please go to schedule/calendar for list of our current classes or call (561)427-1047 for more information.



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