Pulse Alternative Dance and Fitness


Pole dance your way thru the summer with our fun pole workouts for all fitness levels, beginners to advance. Our pole group classes are 90min and cost $25. Please call to reserve your spot.

POLE DANCE CLASSES - 2013 SCHEDULE for Summer, Jupiter FL

Beginner Pole

Mondays 5:30pm

Tuesdays 7pm

Wednesdays 6pm

Thursdays 7pm

Intermediate Pole

Mondays 7pm

Thursdays 7pm

Advance Pole

Tuesdays 5:30pm

All levels - Pole Conditioning Class

Saturdays 10am

Call us now 561-427-1047! If you prefer one on one sessions, please give us a call regarding our private pole series.

Get in shape, stay in shape or fit into the dream bikini! Whatever the reason is, Pole Dancing is one of the best workouts ever! Here are a few reasons why, in my opinion...

It's low impact -yet you can get your heart rate up in a matter of minutes!

Great strength training - you are using your own body weight anytime you fly around the pole or pull up into an inversion

Stretching - our pole classes are designed to increase flexibility and improve circulation and range of motion

It's fun! You dance and progress at your own pace! See you in a pole class!